Nico Martin
Nico Martin
Nico Martin is a self-taught web-developer and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies from Switzerland. He has contributed his know-how as a freelance frontend developer and consultant in various enterprise applications, while constantly experimenting with modern browser technologies and sharing his learnings in workshops, articles or talks.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
9 min
useMachineLearning… and Have Fun with It!
Machine learning is seen by many as the next step in artificial intelligence towards a new stage of human evolution. And thus helps us find new approaches to solving real-world problems. Phew... That sounds complex… And how is that supposed to be fun? Well, in addition to the big issues of our time, it is ultimately just another tool that we can play with. While it is important to first understand the core concepts of machine learning, we can quickly go way beyond that. Get ready for some unexpected examples of how to get started with machine learning in your React application!