Luca Del Puppo
Luca Del Puppo
I'm a Senior Software Developer, Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert and GitKraken Ambassador. I love JavaScript and TypeScript. In my free time, I love studying new technologies, improving myself, creating YouTube content or writing technical articles. I can’t stay without trail running and love to do it in my love Dolomiti.
JSNation 2024JSNation 2024
Dive Into Advanced TypeScript
Typescript or not Typescript? More than ten years have passed since its birth, and many of us still struggle to understand and love it. It’s so simple but sometimes we don’t really know how it works.Well, it’s time to understand more and stop bypassing it with a simple any.Types, functions, literals, unions, intersections and so on: together, we will see all the notions that will lead you to start loving and using it to the fullest to ensure a more typologically secure future and perhaps not be hated by your future self.
Node Congress 2024Node Congress 2024
23 min
Breaking REST Chains: A Fastify & Mercurius Pathway to GraphQL Glory
Are you tired of wrestling with the limitations of REST APIs? ""Breaking REST Chains: A Fastify & Mercurius Pathway to GraphQL Glory"" is your roadmap to a better way.Discover how GraphQL solves REST's shortcomings and how to implement it using Fastify and Mercurius. We'll cover:
1. REST limitations that hold back modern apps.2. GraphQL's game-changing features.3. Steps to transition using Fastify and Mercurius.
Unlock the full potential of your APIs and break free from REST's constraints. Join us to learn, adapt, and elevate your API game.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
20 min
Zod === TypeScript, but at Runtime in Your React Applications
Many Javascript developers have added typescript to their projects in the last few years. But how many of them are sure of their types at runtime? Can types be guaranteed on runtime too?
Using Zod that can be realized! Let's see together how we can use Zod to improve the awareness of our code during its execution and prevent strange mistakes or a bad user experience.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
8 min
Zod === Typescript, but at Runtime in Your React Applications
In this talk, I want to show how we can use Zod to guarantee the type in a React Application at runtime. Environment variables, HTTP requests, forms and so on could create troubles in our applications, mainly if they contain unexpected types. Using Zod, we can create schemas to guarantee the types expected in our editor at runtime. In this way, we can react quickly when an environment variable misses or when someone changes the API contract without informing us.
A small validation layer in our applications can prevent a bad user experience and notify us immediately, so we can fix the problem as soon as possible and mitigate the visualization of wrong data.