Kunal Dubey
Kunal Dubey
Kunal is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at DAZN ( World's largest sports live streaming platform ). His work revolves heavily on improving the user experience while watching any sporting event on our platform. Apart from his work, he loves reading and experimenting with latest tech in my free time.
React Summit 2024React Summit 2024
Building Your Own Custom Type System
I'll introduce the audience to a concept where they can have end-to-end type systems that helps ensure typesafety across the teams Such a system not only improves communication between teams but also helps teams collaborate effectively and ship way faster than they used to before. By having a custom type system, teams can also identify the errors and modify the API contracts on their IDE, which contributes to a better Developer Experience. The workshop would primarily leverage TS to showcase the concept and use tools like OpenAPI to generate the typesystem on the client side.