Kamran Ayub
Kamran Ayub
Kamran is a DevEd consultant who helps developer marketers create lean, mean lead-generating content cuisine. He writes about how to avoid fast food developer content marketing in his DevEd Test Kitchen newsletter and hosts DevEducate, a podcast about creating remarkable developer learning experiences. You can learn more at https://deved.love.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
8 min
Tired of Tech? Hit Reset with a Sabbatical or LOA
Tech is tiring. Whether you’re trying to stay upskilled on the latest JavaScript framework or wading through toxic work swamps, it feels like burnout is constantly looming on the horizon. Sabbaticals and leaves of absence (LOAs) are two benefits you could take advantage of to catch a much-needed (and overdue) extended break. I’ve taken both, one time to live abroad in France for 6 months and the other time to take the summer off for 10 weeks, both at different Fortune 500 companies and each time they moved my career forward, not backward. I’ll walk through step-by-step how to figure out if you’re eligible for these benefits, break down the implications to insurance and job security in plain language, and illustrate some strategies on bridging the income gap so you can sleep at night. By the end you’ll walk away with the confidence to finally give yourself permission to reset and get excited about tech again.