Kadi Kraman
Kadi Kraman
Engineering Manager at Formidable, building things in JavaScript, particularly with React Native and GraphQL.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
21 min
Optimising Images in Web and Native
It's safe to say that a lot of websites and apps these days are heavily reliant on images: product images, avatars, social sharing. With continued technological advances, the variety of device sizes you need to support keeps growing. How exactly are we to make the same page look great and feel performant on both a 16'' MacBook Pro with a retina display as well as a small 5 year old Android phone? We will look at some of the modern approaches to tackle just this problem on web and native - as well as what happens if you don't.
GraphQL Galaxy 2022GraphQL Galaxy 2022
22 min
Handling Breaking Changes in GraphQL
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Requirements change, but API contracts are forever - I wish! A breaking change is something that is not backwards compatible. This means that a consumer of your API would not be able to use the new version without making a code change themselves. We avoid breaking changes if possible, but there are cases when they are inevitable. It could be something small: like making a mandatory field optional. Or it could be something big: like removing a query or a mutation. In this talk we'll review the types of breaking changes you may encounter and how to deal with them gracefully.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
20 min
Exploring AR Try-On with React Native
React Native can be much more than a toolkit for building mobile UIs in JavaScript. We’ll explore how to use features beyond the core library, and use the built-in native module system to integrate AR capabilities into your mobile app.
React Finland 2021React Finland 2021
24 min
Haptics, Sounds and Micro Animations
Quick tips on how to utilise the native mobile platform to help provide your users an upgraded experience with sounds, vibrations and animations. Small changes can have a huge difference UX-wise.
GraphQL Galaxy 2020GraphQL Galaxy 2020
37 min
But Can Your GraphQL Client Do This? — A Deep-Dive Into urql
Let’s explore how the urql GraphQL client came to be and what makes it stand out. We will explore how various challenges were solved in new ways from first principles. Expect a look at future standard features such as Offline Support, an overview of small design choices that are baked into urql, and some features that are already standard and have first-party support such as authentication and file upload.