Eliran Natan
Eliran Natan
I am a seasoned developer and architect with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, specializing in high-scale frontend development. Over the past decade, my career has been focused on empowering various startups by enhancing their frontend capabilities, with a particular emphasis on React and Vue technologies. My professional journey includes significant contributions to companies like Cybereason, Slice, Plank, Axonius, and Lifion, across diverse locations such as Tel Aviv, New York, and Amsterdam. Additionally, I have shared my insights and experiences at prominent industry events, including speaking engagements at React Summit and other JavaScript conferences throughout Europe. Currently, I lead SquadX, a small but highly focused team of frontend specialists. Our mission is to assist startups in boosting their frontend operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
23 min
Sharing is Caring: (How) Should Micro Frontends Share State?
Micro frontends architecture is extremely powerful when it comes to splitting large frontend monoliths into smaller, individually deployable blocks, each is owned by an autonomous team and is focused on a business domain. But what about State? We are often told that micro frontends shouldn't share state, as this would make them coupled to each other. However, when it comes to complex UIs, it is not rare to encounter scenarios where state management between micro frontends is necessary. This talk is about finding the sweet spot — In which scenarios it is reasonable for micro frontends to share State? and how should micro frontends share State while remaining decoupled of each other? We discuss & compare different solutions in React.
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
17 min
Build a UI that Learns - Intelligent Prefetching with React and TensorFlow.js
How to build a UI that LEARNS? Being able to learn and predict the behavior of users has many powerful applications, one of them is the chance to boost the UI performance prefetching code & resources before the user reaches them. In this talk, we describe a high-level implementation of an intelligent prefetcher, using ReactJS and TensorFlow.js. We use neural networks to learn the user's behaviour, and leverages React's lazy-loading API to prefetch components according to predictions. There is a chance for Frontend developers to explore the powerful combination of UI and AI.