Ankita Kulkarni
Ankita Kulkarni
Ankita has over 10 years of Software development experience that started with helping small businesses develop apps. Currently she is taking a break and enjoying exploring more entrepreneurial opportunities. Previously, she is a Senior Engineering Manager at WealthSimple, leading teams and helping define the future of FinTech in Canada. She also worked as a Tech Lead, Solution Architect, and Lead developer at companies such as Loblaw Digital,, and IBM Canada. Ankita has architected and scaled many web and mobile apps for clients using React, GraphQL, React Native and Next.js. She loves public speaking and has spoken at several conferences worldwide, allowing her to pursue her passion for travel. Ankita is also an instructor on Udemy and ZeroToMastery and loves sharing content online.
GraphQL Galaxy 2022GraphQL Galaxy 2022
22 min
GraphQL. State management
In this talk, I will cover why your switch to GQL and Apollo Client 3 should make you walk away from Redux. I will also talk about my journey from Redux -
Apollo Client and use a few project examples for why it makes sense holistically and the challenges I experienced during that transition. Toward the end of this talk, you will be confident about the pros and cons of each approach.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
9 min
Building a Lightning-Fast Site with Next.js, GraphQL and Tailwind ⚡️
Next.js has grown in popularity over the past couple of years with features like server-side rendering, incremental static regeneration, image optimization, and more. Next.js is known as the production ready framework for React. In contrast, GraphQL is known for not just returning data for what you need with good schema design practices but also a good dev experience. In this talk, I’ll talk about how one can build an app that not just scales but also has high performance with Next.js, GraphQL and Tailwind. And Lastly, the future of CSS and Frontend development is building utilities, so CSS does not feel like an afterthought. At the end of this talk, you will learn how to go from making a sample app to a highly performant production-ready application.