Mathilde Buenerd
Mathilde Buenerd
I am a Frontend Developer at Shopify and a certified Web Accessibility Specialist. My expertise lies in creating complex user interfaces that are both user-friendly and compliant. At Shopify, I develop No Code tools, enabling all users to effortlessly customize their Online Store.
JSNation 2024JSNation 2024
What Is the Accessibility Tree, Really?
Have you ever wondered how screen readers interact with browsers to provide accessible experiences? You may have heard terms like "accessibility APIs", “accessibility tree” or "accessible name computation". But what do they refer to, really? In this talk, we will demystify the process in which browsers generate and update the accessibility tree. We will look into its key elements, and how HTML elements and ARIA attributes map into it. Lastly, we will explore how web developers can leverage it for effective debugging. Let's dive into the inner workings of screen readers-browsers interactions!