June 13 - 17, 2024
JS Nation
Amsterdam & Online
JSNation 2024

The main JavaScript conference of the year

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Jun 7, 13:00
Leveraging LLMs to Build Intuitive AI Experiences With JavaScript
Today every developer is using LLMs in different forms and shapes, from ChatGPT to code assistants like GitHub CoPilot. Following this, lots of products have introduced embedded AI capabilities, and in this workshop we will make LLMs understandable for web developers. And we'll get into coding your own AI-driven application. No prior experience in working with LLMs or machine learning is needed. Instead, we'll use web technologies such as JavaScript, React which you already know and love while also learning about some new libraries like OpenAI, Transformers.js
Jun 19, 14:00
OWASP Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities in Node.js
In this workshop, we'll cover the top 10 most common vulnerabilities and critical security risks identified by OWASP, which is a trusted authority in Web Application Security.During the workshop, you will learn how to prevent these vulnerabilities and develop the ability to recognize them in web applications.The workshop includes 10 code challenges that represent each of the OWASP's most common vulnerabilities. There will be given hints to help solve the vulnerabilities and pass the tests.The trainer will also provide detailed explanations, slides, and real-life examples in Node.js to help understand the problems better. Additionally, you'll gain insights from a Node.js Maintainer who will share how they manage security within a large project.It's suitable for Node.js Developers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts, it requires a general knowledge of web application and JavaScript.
Table of contents:- Broken Access Control- Cryptographic Failures- Injection- Insecure Design- Security Misconfiguration- Vulnerable and Outdated Components- Identification and Authentication Failures- Software and Data Integrity Failures- Security Logging and Monitoring Failures- Server-Side Request Forgery
Jun 21, 13:00
Master JavaScript Patterns
During this workshop, participants will review the essential JavaScript patterns that every developer should know. Through hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and interactive discussions, attendees will deepen their understanding of best practices for organizing code, solving common challenges, and designing scalable architectures. By the end of the workshop, participants will gain newfound confidence in their ability to write high-quality JavaScript code that stands the test of time.
Points Covered:
1. Introduction to JavaScript Patterns2. Foundational Patterns3. Object Creation Patterns4. Behavioral Patterns5. Architectural Patterns6. Hands-On Exercises and Case Studies
How It Will Help Developers:
- Gain a deep understanding of JavaScript patterns and their applications in real-world scenarios- Learn best practices for organizing code, solving common challenges, and designing scalable architectures- Enhance problem-solving skills and code readability- Improve collaboration and communication within development teams- Accelerate career growth and opportunities for advancement in the software industry
Jun 25, 13:00
TypeScript Nirvana: Frictionless Development With Unified Type System
Imagine developing where frontend and backend sing in harmony, types dance in perfect sync, and errors become a distant memory. That's the magic of TypeScript Nirvana!
Join me on a journey to unveil the secrets of unified type definitions, the key to unlocking frictionless development. We'll dive into:
- Shared language, shared love: Define types once, share them everywhere. Consistency becomes your BFF, errors your worst nightmare (one you'll rarely see).- Effortless coding: Ditch the manual grind of type checking. TypeScript's got your back, freeing you to focus on building awesomeness.- Maintainability magic: With crystal-clear types guiding your code, maintaining it becomes a walk in the park. More time innovating, less time debugging.- Security fortress: TypeScript's type system shields your app from common vulnerabilities, making it a fortress against security threats.
Jun 27, 14:00
Let AI Be Your Docs
Join our dynamic workshop to craft an AI-powered documentation portal. Learn to integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT with Next.js 14, Tailwind CSS, and cutting-edge tech to deliver instant code solutions and summaries. This hands-on session will equip you with the knowledge to revolutionize how users interact with documentation, turning tedious searches into efficient, intelligent discovery.
Key Takeaways:
- Practical experience in creating an AI-driven documentation site.- Understanding the integration of AI into user experiences.- Hands-on skills with the latest web development technologies.- Strategies for deploying and maintaining intelligent documentation resources.
Table of contents:- Introduction to AI in Documentation- Setting Up the Environment- Building the Documentation Structure- Integrating ChatGPT for Interactive Docs