The Power of a Second Brain in a Developer's Workflow

This talk is scheduled for Jun 14, 22:00
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In an AI-driven world where information overload is the norm, it's all too easy to rely on ChatGPT or Google Search for quick answers, only to forget them just as quickly. But what if there's a smarter approach that not only helps us retain what we learn but also enhances our workflow and productivity?

We will explore why and how constructing a Second Brain can revolutionize the way developers work. By shifting our perspective and relying on our internal knowledge base, we can forge connections that enhance memory retention and improve our overall workflow. This presentation aims to delve into the core of the developer workflow, addressing commonly shared questions that are typically googled or answered using ChatGPT. Instead, we will focus on how adopting the habit of turning to our Second Brain can yield better results by providing answers in the context of our previous learning.

Braydon Coyer
Braydon Coyer
14 Jun, 2024
Video transcription, chapters and summary will be available later.