#component library

A component library is a collection of pre-built, reusable user interface components that can be used to create an application. These components are typically written in JavaScript and can include basic elements like buttons, text boxes, and drop down menus, as well as more complex components like charts, maps, and grids. Component libraries help developers quickly build robust applications with minimal effort by providing well-tested, ready-made components that can be easily integrated into their projects.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
137 min
Build a Data-Rich Beautiful Dashboard With MUI X's Data Grid and Joy UI
Learn how to put MUI’s complete ecosystem to use to build a beautiful and sophisticated project management dashboard in a fraction of the time that it would take to construct it from scratch. In particular, we’ll see how to integrate the MUI X Data Grid with Joy UI, our newest component library and sibling to the industry-standard Material UI.
Table of contents:- Introducing our project and tools- App setup and package installation- Constructing the dashboard- Prototyping, styling, and themes - Joy UI features- Filtering, sorting, editing - Data Grid features- Conclusion, final thoughts, Q&A