Valentin Kononov
Valentin Kononov
Valentin just started to work at Unity3d in Helsinki as Full-Stack Software Engineer. Before that he worked at Mapbox R&D center in Minsk, Belarus. Experienced in Typescript, SQL, .NET, Angular, React, NodeJS, NestJS and other interesting stuff in full stack software development. He loves modern web technical stack, but strongly believes in understanding of fundamental aspects of programming. He likes code writing, work in amazing and useful projects, which can bring something valuable to people. His spare time is mostly dedicated to his family, reading and writing, and also traveling is important part of his life!
TestJS Summit 2021TestJS Summit 2021
8 min
E2E Tests for API – Saving Nerves and Hours
Having adequate test coverage means a lot for the good API. But what can make the whole life pathetic is endless mocking of data and functions for integration tests. Every time you've changed the code you need to fix the mock. After several iterations the correct thought is - what's went wrong?
Alternative approach is e2e tests for the API. Which require only minimal mocks and data preparation. The rest - pure code of your API. Change the code - e2e test remains the same.
This talk is about my experience of switching from integration tests to e2e tests for the API, proc and cons and how I started to feel happy about tests.