Todd Fisher
Todd Fisher
Todd has a passion for promoting a healthy product and engineering culture, collaboratively exploring ways to solve both organizational and engineering needs, as well as holding regular discussions around how to evolve the software engineering craft. Todd believes in a human centered approach to engineering, where the experience of those creating and evolving the product is just as important as those that use the product. A native to California's bay area, Todd’s journey into programming started over two decades ago and he has been privileged to work with many technologies as well as leadership roles over the years. With his experience as a Principal of Software Engineering Practices, in the Technology Center of Excellence at Pluralsight, Todd supported both individual software engineers and the technical leadership team in helping to continually improve and work together in a way that enables everyone to do their best work. Todd loves to play the guitar, and is always open to jamming out and frequently enjoys paired programming with strangers.
TestJS Summit 2023TestJS Summit 2023
29 min
Generative Ai In Your App? What Can Possibly Go Wrong?
Utilizing generative AI models can result in a lot of varied and even unexpected outputs, making them less deterministic and harder to test. When trying to integrate these models into your app, it can be challenging to ensure that you maintain a high level of quality from these AI outputs, and even ensure that their results don’t crash the flow of your app. Come relive my journey of discovery into how I was able to drastically improve results from OpenAi’s ChatGPT API, for use within my company’s product. In this talk I will share many tips that will help enable you to more effectively utilize the power of AI models like ChatGPT within your own apps, including testing strategies and how to avoid many of the issues I ran into.