Thibaud Courtoison
Thibaud Courtoison
CTO @ Prolong, also teacher and speaker in my spare time. I like to learn from other fields of study and apply it into ours.
React Summit 2024React Summit 2024
Art & Entropy: Introducing Chaos to Your Frontend
Chaos Engineering is a current trend which involves studying the behavior of a system in the face of external events that are often unlikely, but in this case provoked (server or load-balancer crash, loss of DNS, etc.).The disorder thus generated provides a wealth of information on how our systems work, enabling us to improve their robustness.But strangely enough, all the books, talks and tutorials on Chaos Engineering overlook an important component of our systems. And yet, if there's one area where unpredictability, inconsistency and the need for resilience are central concerns, it's the frontend.💥Chaos, frontend, and Japanese ancestral art 👘: 3 notions that at first glance have nothing in common, but which together open up new perspectives in the development of our applications.