Taylor Mull
Taylor Mull
Taylor is a Solutions Engineer who leads the new Yugabyte Cloud sales engineering effort helping small and large companies alike modernize their legacy databases. He has a strong passion for distributed databases having worked with them for most of his career.
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
155 min
GraphQL Workshop Medley to build cloud native apps with Open Source Distributed SQL database
YugateDB is a popular open-source Distributed SQL database designed and built for cloud native applications from the ground up. YugateDB allows developers to easily scale the RDBMS workloads for internet-scale apps while natively handling the cloud infrastructure outages supporting cross-region and cross Datacenter deployments. In this workshop, participants will get firsthand experience implementing GraphQL applications using three of the most popular GraphQL engines in Hasura, Prisma, and Spring GraphQL connected to the YugateDB database.

This workshop will provide quick start guides for GraphQL developers for getting started with YugateDB. The workshop will include steps for creating a YugateDB database instance, configuring the database for the respective GraphQL engine, and the best practices for writing the GraphQL queries for YugateDB. From this workshop session, developers will know all the main concepts of getting started with YugateDB and GraphQL to solve the business use case at hand using YugateDB.