Sylwia Vargas
Sylwia Vargas
Sylwia (pronounced "Sylvia") is a developer advocate at Inngest, a tech writer, and an educator passionate about making tech accessible and diverse. She is a co-organizer at React Robins, a community for women and non-binary React devs. Aside from tech, she’s working on a card game and loves hiking, biking, pierogi, and plants.
Node Congress 2023Node Congress 2023
21 min
Bring Node.js into your browser with WebContainers
In this talk, I'd love to inform and inspire the community to push the limitations of web development running Node.js inside the browser. I will cover how and why we developed WebContainers, what our roadblocks and limitations were and are, how we've worked with the community to make the technology better and what has already been enabled and built with WebContainers.