Simon Emanuel Schmid
Simon Emanuel Schmid
Simon is enthusiastic about simplifying the complexities of our interconnected world. He applies this passion as a Lead Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node to enable the amazing projects in web3 building exceptional decentralised experiences leveraging The Graph. He joined the blockchain space professionally in 2017 as Head of Front-end/UX at Melonport which is now known as Enzyme Finance, one of the pioneering projects in DeFi and web3 and early adopter of The Graph.
JSNation 2023JSNation 2023
64 min
Querying Blockchain Data with GraphQL
Curious about how data works in the world of blockchain? Join Simon in an engaging session about The Graph, the decentralized indexing protocol that makes it easy for blockchain developers to search and query blockchain data. 
Table of the contents:
- Understanding blockchain data
- Anatomy of a smart contract
- Indexing blockchain data with The Graph
- Accessing data on The Graph
- Recommended subgraphs
- Writing subgraphs overview