Senna Parsa
Senna Parsa
Senna is a Solutions Engineer at GitHub supporting our customers the EMEA MidMarket segment. She has a background in web application, iOS development, and accessibility. Originally working out of the HQ in San Francisco, she’s been working with GitHub customers for three years, passionate about empowering developers and helping organizations as they go through cultural and digital transformations.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
29 min
Improving Developer Happiness with AI
GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that can help you write code faster and spend less time writing repetitive code.This session will cover some interesting use cases for Copilot that could shine a light on its possibilities. This ranges from prompting Copilot to suggest a function based on a comment, learning how to use a new framework, tackling a security or accessibility bug, better documenting your code, translating  code from one language to another, etc.
Introduction to CoPilot
- What is Copilot
- How can you use it
- How it can help you write code faster
- Copilot Labs experimental features 
I will pick examples from the React ecosystem and show how we can fix Security Vulnerabilities and Accessibility issues in some components.