Santosh Viswanatham
Santosh Viswanatham
Santosh is an Open web advocate, an Ambassador at the Interledger Foundation. He writes Vanilla JS for Breakfast and tweets at @isantoshv. Santosh was previously a Tech Speaker and a Participation Leader at Mozilla. As a Tech Speaker, he delivered talks on Javascript, WebVR, Cross-Platform browser extensions, and Devtools in the past at various tech conferences. In recognition of his contributions to Mozilla, his name is featured in the about:credits of every shipped Firefox browser.
JSNation 2024JSNation 2024
Web Monetization: Your New Friendly JavaScript API
Earning money for your content on the web has historically been a challenging endeavor, requiring a substantial user base and navigating complex payment processes. Ads, as a primary income source for content platforms, raise privacy concerns for creators and consumers alike.
However, the new W3C Standard proposal, Web Monetization, leverages the Interledger Protocol to empower developers, especially JavaScript enthusiasts like you, to monetize your work seamlessly. In this talk, we delve into the world of Web Monetization, a friendly JavaScript API poised to revolutionize how the web can be monetized. 
We explore open payments, microtransactions, and the Interledger protocol, unveiling a more efficient and inclusive path to monetize web content, ultimately paying the web forward. Learn how to create payment pointers and seamlessly receive payments in your preferred currency, breaking down barriers and connecting with a global audience.
Join me on this journey as we navigate the landscape of Web Monetization, empowering developers to harness its capabilities and redefine the process of building applications that are inherently web monetized.