Sami Jaber
Sami Jaber
Following a stint in data engineering, I have spent the past 6 years focused on web development. After building elegant & highly performant user experiences at Unsplash as the Web Team Lead, I have now shifted focus to developing SDKs & maintaining Mitosis @ I am currently the core maintainer of Mitosis, a trail-blazing open-source project that allows engineers to write their components once and build them for every web framework out there.
React Day Berlin 2022React Day Berlin 2022
34 min
It's Time to De-Fragment the Web
Over the past few years, the number of web frameworks available to us has exploded. In some ways, the breadth of choice is a clear win for our ecosystem. However, for many of us, it also comes with harsh drawbacks: - Have you ever used a popular open-sourced component built for framework A, and wished it existed in framework B? What about a design system library? - Does your company have frontends built in different frameworks, and your web teams are frustrated about the wasted hours needed to achieve a consistent design system? - Does your team build SDKs for web frameworks, and must manually re-write them for each framework? The solution to all 3 of these problems exists today. To fully understand it, we must first examine today’s web frameworks, re-think what a component should look like, and introduce a new Intermediate Representation of our components. This is what we have done at when we created Mitosis, and we’re excited to share it with everyone.