Philipp Giese
Philipp Giese
Philipp loves to code and teach people. His first project was a webpage to manage which of his friends had borrowed which VHS. It was this project that also convinced him that the internet is where the future is. Fast forward some 20 years and he is still coding. He currently works as CTO at auteon.
TechLead Conference 2023TechLead Conference 2023
22 min
The Rewrite Trap
Let's throw away everything and start fresh. Sounds great, right? While this can feel very good it rarely speeds up anything. I'll show you why a complete rewrite is usually not what you want.
TestJS Summit 2021TestJS Summit 2021
21 min
Tests That Help you Find Defects Faster
This talk is about common mistakes people make when writing tests.
Mixing multiple concerns inside tests is tempting because it can feel like painting the whole picture. However, it obfuscates the root cause when a test fails. Setup methods are great but when developers are too focussed on keeping their tests DRY they can easily lead to test interdependence. Therefore, some principles we have learned to build our software we need to unlearn when it comes to testing.
The talk highlights more aspects like bloated tests which make it hard to figure out what they are about and proper usage of assertions to get better error messages.Especially if you don't work with TDD it can be easy to come up with a test that looks good but stands in your way when it fails.
The talk will have a look at the four scenarios I outlined above, explain why it makes sense to think about them and actionable suggestions how to improve tests.