Nadia Makarevich
Nadia Makarevich
Nadia is a Frontend Architect, experienced coder and tech blogger. She loves debugging mysterious bugs, solving hard problems with simple solutions and writing articles, that make complicated advanced concepts easy to understand. She managed to escape from locked down Australia in the middle of the global pandemic and now enjoys the life of a digital nomad all over the world.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
22 min
React Myths And Legends
The talks explore various misleading patterns and concepts in React, that seem to be “common knowledge”, but which a lot (if not most) developers either get wrong or are just not aware of those. Some examples, covered in the talk (and more):
* that “react component re-renders when its props change” (this is not true)
* that wrapping a component in React.memo will prevent its re-render (not always true)
* that use of Context causes re-renders and is bad for performance (not always true, sometimes Context can actually reduce the number of re-renders in the app)
* that creating an element like this `const A = <Child />` is when the Child's render lifecycle is triggered (not true)
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
23 min
Let’s Talk about Re-renders
Top Content
React is a fantastic tool to implement complicated applications fast, we all know it. But are they going to be fast when implemented fast? Let’s talk about re-renders and their danger in react: how easy it is to make a mistake, why some small mistakes can have a huge downstream effect, and how to avoid and prevent them.This is a deep-dive type of talk, that focuses on why React components re-render, what kind of performance impact it can have, and what to do about it