Marissa Masangcay
Marissa Masangcay
Marissa Masangcay is a Technical Marketing Specialist for Cloudinary and has worked for the company since 2017. She has also served as one of Cloudinary’s Developer Support Engineers, where she responded to customers’ technical support requests and feature-related questions, as well as debugged customer issues and wrote code samples in multiple development frameworks. She has also served as a volunteer instructor for Girls Who Code, which is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching girls in grades 6-12 the fundamentals of coding. Marissa graduated with her bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of San Francisco.
React Summit Remote Edition 2021React Summit Remote Edition 2021
90 min
Faster media = faster websites
As eCommerce all around the world has shifted to a predominantly online-first platform the need to provide a high performance website to your users has significantly increased. And on top of that, google has announced that as of May 2021 Core Web Vitals will have a direct impact on page rankings and SEO making web performance even more significant. Come learn the basics of web performance and how it relates to media. Using a simple React based ecommerce app in conjunction with a media optimizing product, you can learn how to deliver the optimal format and fidelity, potentially improving your page rankings.