Maarten Van Hoof
Maarten Van Hoof
By day, Maarten supports front-end teams at Essent with their Accessibility and Design System challenges. By night, he tinkers with the Web Platform.
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Explain Like I’m Your Manager: Digital Accessibility
Are you building digital services aimed towards European consumers? Have you already heard about the European Accessibility Act? Are you aware that in June 2025, you are probably, by law, obligated to deliver accessible features?
Developing inclusive user experiences is a challenge when accessibility doesn't have the right priority. It isn't just about inclusiveness – it's about potential Return on Investment (ROI) that is too significant to ignore.
Statistics show that 1 out of 4 European adults has some form of disability. Imagine being able to tap into a roughly 25% bigger market reach. Accessible web services perform better in search engine results because web semantics are key. They enable users to accomplish their goals more efficiently, as the focus is on inclusive user experience.
With the European Accessibility Act coming into effect, the awareness around digital accessibility will shift. I predict digital accessibility will land on the company's radar from 2024 onward.
At the end of this session, you will have the fundaments to pitch digital accessibility to your stakeholders.
We'll cover what digital accessibility is, how a company will reap the benefits of investing in it and what a mature accessibility program could look like, so with it, you can kick-start your company's accessibility program.