Lukas Taegert-Atkinson
Current maintainer of RollupJS. After finishing my PhD studying the mathematical properties of black holes, I decided to go for less substance from then on and follow my passion of becoming a professional software developer. For the last six years, I have been doing full-stack consulting work for various clients at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH. This includes a big focus on DevOps: tuning Node servers, tending to Kubernetes clusters and orchestrating CI/CD pipelines are an important part my work. During this time, I also stumbled upon RollupJS, and while I originally only wanted to push a few improvements to their dead code elimination algorithm, I ended up rewriting it from the ground up. And in the process, I accidentally became acting maintainer of that project :) Since 2017 I have been continuously working on further improving tree-shaking, adding code-splitting together with Guy Bedford, and many other things to make it a great tool not only for optimizing JavaScript libraries but also for advanced and custom build processes at big companies like Github, Bloomberg, Salesforce and many others.