Laurin Quast
Laurin Quast
Laurin Quast is a developer that started exploring GraphQL, by leading the private and later public API development at a start-up. Realizing that there are still many unsolved problems and challenges within the space, he started contributing to famous JavaScript libraries, such as GraphQL Code Generator and GraphQL Tools. Diving deeper and deeper, the transition into becoming a full-time open-source developer at The Guild was inevitable.
GraphQL Galaxy 2022GraphQL Galaxy 2022
38 min
Future-Proof GraphQL Schema Design
In this talk, we will cover schema evolution best practices, common mistakes when extending an existing GraphQL schema and patterns for safely monitoring usage, and finally removing deprecated GraphQL fields over time. The state-of-art GraphQL schema does not need versioning as it only ever returns data that is explicitly requested by a client. In theory, new capabilities and types added to the GraphQL schema are only available as the client updates their operation selection sets. However, in reality, altering and extending a GraphQL schema could easily break existing clients depending on how the change has been implemented, especially when using enum, interface, and union types.