Johan Eliasson
Johan Eliasson
Johan Eliasson is CEO & Co-Founder of Nhost. Johan has been building apps his whole life and is passionate about making it easy to develop web and mobile apps. Prior to Nhost, Johan helped grow his family business, driving innovation in the Swedish water treatment market. Johan graduated from Blekinge Institute of Technology with a Master of Science in Computer Security, Computer & Information Systems.
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
6 min
GraphQL for Web and Mobile Apps Made Simple
Building web and mobile apps with GraphQL should be simple. With Nhost, developers build web and mobile apps with automatically generated GraphQL APIs. In this talk, we'll show you how this is ideal for developers who want to boost productivity without worrying about infrastructure.

GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
98 min
Build a GraphQL App with React
In this workshop, we'll build a React app from zero to one using a GraphQL API from Nhost.
Table of contents:
- Sign up to Nhost and create a Nhost app
- Create database table
- Set up React app
- Install Nhost and GraphQL dependencies
- Display data in React app
- Let users sign in
- Add GraphQL API permissions