Jan Peer Stöcklmair
Jan Peer Stöcklmair
I am coming from OpenSource (OSS) and love to work with people. I try to fix bug's and add features in various OSS projects as only with that things are getting better. In my spare time I like to go climbing, kitesurfing, biking and many other things. Of course I also do a lot of coding.
React Summit 2024React Summit 2024
Enhancing React Ecosystems with Observability: A Deep Dive into React with OpenTelemetry
This talk will guide you through the integration of OpenTelemetry within React environments, emphasizing Server Side Rendering (SSR) and the innovative React Server Components (RSC). Learn how to harness the power of telemetry data—traces, metrics, and logs—to gain a comprehensive understanding of your application's behavior and user interactions.