Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson is a data visualization developer and software prototyper at ObservableHQ. Ian has been turning data into pixels for more than 15 years, cheering on the developments in web standards and open source technologies that enable ever richer forms of communicating data. Ian helped found the Bay Area D3 User Group, a community of thousands of d3.js practitioners, to learn from other like-minded folks. He has prototyped software and visualizations for companies, researchers and causes. He enjoys sharing his understanding and is often tweeting about data visualization and the creative process.
JSNation Live 2021JSNation Live 2021
130 min
Painting with Data: Intro to d3.js
D3.js is a powerful JavaScript library for building data visualizations, but anyone who has tried to use it quickly finds out that it goes deeper picking your favorite chart type. This workshop is designed to give you a hands-on introduction to the essential concepts and techniques for creating custom data visualizations with d3.js. By the end of this workshop you will have made an interactive and animated visualization on a realistic dataset that you can easily swap out with your own.