Gilad Shoham
Gilad Shoham
Currently leading the development team at Bit. A former architect and team lead at Sisense. Founder of Propcy and Stunity, and a graduate of an IDF elite programming unit. An experienced speaker, blogger and podcaster about JS, architecture, Frontend, and home automation. I have been writing code since I can remember and had my share of successes and failures but always kept the love for what I do. As a contributor to the open-source community, I believe that software is the most powerful way to make our lives better every day.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
Code on Demand: The Future of Code Collaboration
What if we could generate production-ready React components (including props, responsiveness, CSS styling, TypeScript typings, and more) from Figma designs, automatically? This seemingly impossible task is becoming a reality thanks to the latest advancements in AI (such as ChatGPT).
In this talk, we’ll discuss some of the techniques we are using at Anima to automate the boring parts of frontend development, generating React components from Figma designs. We’ll cover some algorithmic techniques, processes and deep-learning based approaches that could help you speed up your day-to-day frontend work.