Gilad Shoham
Gilad Shoham
Currently leading the development team at Bit. A former architect and team lead at Sisense. Founder of Propcy and Stunity, and a graduate of an IDF elite programming unit. An experienced speaker, blogger and podcaster about JS, architecture, Frontend, and home automation. I have been writing code since I can remember and had my share of successes and failures but always kept the love for what I do. As a contributor to the open-source community, I believe that software is the most powerful way to make our lives better every day.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
27 min
Code on Demand: The Future of Code Collaboration
What if you could use code the same way you use Netflix or Spotify? 
Imagine your entire code base organized as small components on the cloud, where you can import only what you need into any workspace. In fact, you can create an ad hoc workspace where you can use and modify only the components you need and export them back.
In order to use code on demand, components need to be independent entities, which means that they have to include their source code, configuration and dependencies. This allows you to version them independently and import them into small dynamic workspaces which are then made much easier to navigate, setup and build. Independent component versioning also makes for independent teams, because this separates publishing updates from consuming them. 
When all your organization’s components are in the cloud, teams can discover them, discuss changes and visualize relationships, making collaboration between teams much simpler. 
Alongside its many advantages, this paradigm shift brings about considerable challenges, which may explain why this is not the standard way to manage code today. This talk is about the tools and methodologies required to overcome these challenges.