Gant Laborde
Gant Laborde
Gant Laborde is an owner of Infinite Red, mentor, adjunct professor, published author, and award-winning speaker. For 20 years, he has been involved in software development and continues strong today. He is an “open sourcerer”, team leader, and aspires to one day become a mad scientist. He blogs, videos, and maintains popular repositories for the community. Follow Gant’s adventures at
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
27 min
React Native: 2022 & Beyond
From the perspective of shipping countless React Native apps over the last seven years, React Native has grown and continues to evolve. There are some major changes coming! Most people have heard of "the React Native bridge", but have you heard of TurboModules, Fabric, and codegen? This talk is a fast-pass to the front of the line in React Native’s upcoming new architecture and how it's going to recast cross-platform development. We will review what you need to know.