Eva Ferreira
Eva Ferreira
Eva is a Front-End developer who loves cats and makes many Harry Potter jokes. From Buenos Aires, Argentina Eva enjoys making websites and teaching HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript. Eva loves the challenge of developing fast, accessible and responsive interfaces, layouts and animations. CSSConf Argentina organizer.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
21 min
Accessibility Credit and How to Pay it
Tech debt comes as free credit for our lack of experience, wrong deadlines or simply a mix of bad decisions; but no matter how it gets there, the cost is usually on accessibility. The first to sacrify is the one tool that allows all people to surf the web without constraints.
How do we tackle a technical debt for accessibility? Where do we begin? How fast and far can we get? In this talk we will go through real-world examples on how to begin fixing the most important technical debt out there.