Elian Van Cutsem
Elian Van Cutsem
Elian is a Software Engineer @vBridge where he started a couple years ago as an intern. He has a strong focus on design, front-end development and cloud native web-applications with the emphasis on personalisation and technical innovation. Elian started out building static websites to showcase the photos he took, then discovered JAMStack development, since then he's always learning and trying out new stuff. Experimentation drew him to Astro, there was no way back. Now, Elian is an Astro Ambassador & always available for a chat or drink.
Extending React Using Astro
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
24 min
Extending React Using Astro
We'll start out by taking a look at Astro; What is Astro, why does it exist and what problems does it solve. How can we optimise our React application / components by using Astro? Let's do some live coding and start out exploring Astro in combination with React! 
Main talking points: 
- What is Astro 
- Astro integrations 
- React in Astro 
- Partial Hydration 
- Server Side Rendering vs Server Side Generation