Elena Vilchik
Elena Vilchik
Elena is a Software Engineer at Sonar, which provides tooling around code quality and security. Her main project is a static code analyzer for JavaScript and TypeScript used by SonarQube, SonarCloud, and SonarLint. Elena focuses on the clean code and tries to ensure the precision of the developed analyzer.
DevOps.js Conf 2022DevOps.js Conf 2022
76 min
Bring Code Quality and Security to your CI/CD pipeline
In this workshop we will go through all the aspects and stages when integrating your project into Code Quality and Security Ecosystem. We will take a simple web-application as a starting point and create a CI pipeline triggering code quality monitoring for it. We will do a full development cycle starting from coding in the IDE and opening a Pull Request and I will show you how you can control the quality at those stages. At the end of the workshop you will be ready to enable such integration for your own projects.