Denis Artyuhovich
Denis Artyuhovich
Principal Engineer and active open source contributor. From Minsk, but now based in London and work at DAZN. I like playing around with TS, React, Redux, MobX/MST, RxJS, WebGL, Serverless, Node, Functional Programming with a focus on performance, system architecture and team productivity.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
25 min
React Microfrontend Applications for TVs and Game Consoles
DAZN is the fastest-growing sports streaming service and during this talk, we will consider our experience building tv applications (for ps5, xbox, LG, Samsung and other targets) with micro frontend architecture. You may expect time travel to see how it started and what we have at the moment, what makes tv development different compared to the web, same as techniques that allow us to share code between targets. You will learn how we test our application with an in-house remote testing lab as well as our deployment and release process.
React Advanced Conference 2021React Advanced Conference 2021
30 min
Infrastructure as Code for React Application on AWS Written in TypeScript
We consider what IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is and why we should invest our time/money into it. It’s going to be a workshop-style talk and as the result, the end of it you will have complete infrastructure as code for React application on AWS written in TypeScript