Cody Zuschlag
Cody Zuschlag
Cody is a software engineer consultant, developer relations engineer, and university instructor with a passion for learning and sharing technology. He teaches a university web development course and loves interacting with developers of all experience levels. He started speaking internationally in 2022 at React Summit and NodeConf EU as well as hosting some of the events connected to NodeConf EU. His current passion is building full-stack and decentralized applications using all OSS technologies.
React Advanced Conference 2023React Advanced Conference 2023
Oct 19, 22:00
Design Tokens, Systems, and a Component’s Journey From Design to Deployment
Design systems reduce design inconsistencies, eliminate process bottlenecks, and allow teams and organizations to scale. A design system of systems is a platform that allows an organization to provide the same advantages across multiple platforms, channels, and even brands. Too often it can feel like designers and developers work in different worlds and speak different languages. These challenges are compounded multiple times when working with multiple user-facing interfaces across platforms, channels, or brands. We built a design system of systems using open source JavaScript technologies allowing all teams to stay on brand on all platforms and projects. This included a cross-brand and cross-platform components library for teams delivering digital experiences. At the core of the systems of systems is a common language, design tokens, that breaks down the barriers between designers and developers.
React Summit 2022React Summit 2022
25 min
Full-stack JS today: Fastify, GraphQL and React
First there was LAMP, then there was MEAN and JAM. But now it’s 2022 and times have changed… What does the modern full stack look like? It’s built entirely from free and open source technologies, it’s scalable beyond imagination, it can run on premise or in the cloud, it should get out of the way and not lead to vendor lock-in, and most importantly it should “just work.” There are so many tools to choose from. Choosing the right stack from day one can be the difference from project success to smoldering pile of software ashes. Using fastify, mercurius, urql, and react we can build high performance full-stack applications using all javascript technologies.