Chloe Caron
Chloe Caron
Chloé is a Tech Lead, Data Engineer and Full-stack Developer at Theodo UK. Having worked on several projects, Chloé has continuously expanded her experience by working with both startups and well-established companies. With a keen curiosity for exploration, Chloé frequently embarks on exploratory journeys into innovative data topics, journeys that she often shares through Twitter.
C3 Dev Festival 2024C3 Dev Festival 2024
Jun 14, 22:00
Who’s Faster at Building an Energy Generation Data Visualisation Platform: ChatGPT or a Developer?
Gear up for a speed competition, it's ChatGPT versus yours truly, racing to build a data visualisation platform from scratch at top speed. Who will win? We’ll be taking on the challenge of reconstructing an energy generation visualisation platform, drawing inspiration from the likes of GridWatch and the Energy Dashboard.