Burak Kantarci
Burak Kantarci
Burak Kantarcı works as the Product Manager at Thundra, a developer platform that empowers application teams to develop, debug, and deliver modern microservices on the cloud. With an engineering and design background, he is creating products to drive impact. His current goal is to ease developers' daily life and make their workflows more errorless and enjoyable.
TestJS Summit 2021TestJS Summit 2021
8 min
Why Tracing is a Lifesaver for E2E Tests of Distributed Systems?
Contemporary software systems are often built on a microservices architecture pattern. In this pattern, rather than build one huge code-base for a single application, systems are separated into multiple smaller code-bases. These implement services that provide a specific feature, like authentication or monitoring, and those services can have performance problems, network issues, or bugs in their code – any of which can lead to failing tests. If you want to solve such problems, you have to go a step further than just logging your errors – it is best for you to monitor your tests with distributed tracing. This talk will show you why a tracing system will rescue you from the complexity of understanding why an E2E test has failed in a distributed architecture.