Anuradha Kumari
Anuradha Kumari
Anuradha is a frontend developer, working on making the web more accessible, one website at a time. She is passionate about exploring new technologies and sharing knowledge through tech articles and talks. She has been recognized as GDE, MVP, MDE, and WTM Ambassador. As an accessibility advocate, she aims to spread awareness and empower the community toward achieving the common goal of inclusion through technology. When she is not coding, she loves traveling, exploring museums, reading books, and sketching.
React Summit 2023React Summit 2023
30 min
Making Interactions Accessible to All Users
Are your websites accessible to all users? Are all the users able to interact with your application as intended regardless of their disabilities? Accessibility often remains an afterthought even today, and I am here to share how we can change that. In this talk, we will explore best practices for designing and building user interactions for websites that are accessible and user-friendly for our users. Using semantic HTML and ARIA attributes, we will cover strategies for interaction from a simple button, to navigation, to different form elements and custom components.