Allison Kunz
Allison Kunz
Allison is a solutions engineer at Hasura.
React Summit 2020React Summit 2020
162 min
Zero to Production with Fullstack GraphQL and React with Hasura team
Hasura is a free and open-source GraphQL Engine that can help supercharge your GraphQL adoption, whether it is for a new application or for an existing one. The workshop will cover:
- A basic introduction to GraphQL- Using GraphQL to make CRUD operations from a React application- Setting up access controls to data- Building real-time components in React using GraphQL Subscriptions- Wrapping existing REST APIs with GraphQL servers that can be deployed on serverless platforms, and then merging them into a single endpoint using Remote Schemas- Triggering serverless functions on database events- In short, we’ll go through how React developers can adopt realtime GraphQL and serverless.