Alexander Varwijk
Alexander Varwijk
Alexander is a full-stack developer that spends his day to day with PHP and Drupal. Front-end work is done using ReScript, React and GraphQL and as a hobby he's building things with Rust. At Open Social he is a Lead Engineer and drives the development of the GraphQL API and a new decoupled front-end. As the first decoupled project at Open Social he has architected and implemented a Real-Time Chat.
GraphQL Galaxy 2021GraphQL Galaxy 2021
7 min
Serving GraphQL Subscriptions Using PHP and Drupal
Most people in the GraphQL Galaxy are familiar with JavaScript tools when creating GraphQL servers.
But what do you do if your team’s speciality is PHP and you have all your existing data available in a Drupal based platform?
In this session I’ll take you on a tour of the tools we used to build a PHP based service that handles GraphQL subscriptions powering Open Social’s Real-Time chat, and how you can use our learnings for your own project.