Alex Ruheni
Alex is a Developer Advocate at Prisma, where he's working to make databases easy and fun. He loves learning and teaching other developers. Every once in a while, he procrastinates by preaching to other developers to adopt Ts. He's also a mediocre photographer at best – but the camera covers that up for him.
Fullstack: Databases at the Edge
Node Congress 2023Node Congress 2023
Fullstack: Databases at the Edge
Edge platforms like Cloudflare workers and Vercel’s Edge functions introduce a new paradigm for delivering faster user experiences. However, the database can be the bottleneck in deploying applications to the Edge. In this talk, we’ll discuss how you can deliver an uncompromising user experience with a modern framework like NextJs, your existing traditional database, and Prisma to deploy your application to the Edge.

Database Access on the Edge with Cloudflare Workers & Prisma
Node Congress 2022Node Congress 2022
31 min
Database Access on the Edge with Cloudflare Workers & Prisma
Edge functions are pushing the limit of serverless computing – but with new tools, come new challenges. Due to their limitations, edge functions don't allow talking to popular databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL. In this talk, you will learn how you can connect and interact with your database from Cloudflare Workers using the Prisma Data Proxy.
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