Alberto Schiabel
Alberto Schiabel
Alberto is a senior software engineer and former startup co-founder. He has over 8 years of experience and has shipped the first WebAssembly modules in the open-source Prisma and Lyra projects. He’s currently a consultant working primarily in TypeScript and Rust at Prisma Data. In his free time, he helps junior developers prepare for job interviews."
Node Congress 2023Node Congress 2023
22 min
Type-safe bindings for Node.js with Rust and WebAssembly
This talk will teach you how to write performance-critical Node.js modules without the burden of distributing platform-dependent artifacts and using the C/C++ toolchain. You will discover how to smoothly integrate Rust code into your Node.js + TypeScript application using WebAssembly. You will also learn how to avoid the typical WebAssembly serialization issues, and understand when other alternatives like Neon or are preferable. Together, we will cross the language bridge between Rust and Node.js while preserving the familiar DX you're used to.