Akash Joshi
Akash Joshi
A Senior Software Engineer at SigTech, Akash is a self-taught programmer who started his journey from playing video games to developing them. Spending the last year building software at Meta, he's now helping build apps at a rapid speed through the power of React and Typescript.
TypeScript Congress 2023TypeScript Congress 2023
16 min
Unleashing Object Proxies: Building Type-Safe Wrappers for Anything
You must or must not have heard of object proxies before, but have you ever understood how to use them? What the actual usecase of an object proxy is? In this talk, we will do a deep dive into object proxies, understanding how they work, and the kinds of things you can build using them. We will build higher-order wrappers for existing libraries, and learn how to wrap over them in a type-safe manner.