#browser api

A Browser API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of commands, functions, protocols, and objects that allow developers to create web-based applications that can interact with the browser. It helps developers create interactive websites, as well as access and manipulate data stored in the browser. Some of the most common APIs used by JavaScript developers include DOM (Document Object Model), Fetch, WebGL (Graphics Library) and WebRTC (Real Time Communication).
Node Congress 2022Node Congress 2022
57 min
Writing Universal Modules for Deno, Node and the Browser
This workshop will walk you through writing a module in TypeScript that can be consumed users of Deno, Node and the browsers. I will explain how to set up formatting, linting and testing in Deno, and then how to publish your module to deno.land/x and npm. We’ll start out with a quick introduction to what Deno is.