Ziv Levy
Ziv Levy
I'm currently working at Wix.com as a software engineer in the very exciting Wix’s Data Science group. I'm an open-source enthusiast, have a fetish for web performance, loves technology at its best when it's visual, and… mixing techno sounds at night!!
TechLead Conference 2023TechLead Conference 2023
18 min
The Game Theory of Software Decision Making
As we’re working to build the best possible software engineering solution, we encounter many decisions we must make. Daily. Sometimes this involves very active and passionate conversations, which might sometimes go down the negative path, creating a bad atmosphere in the team. On top of that, it’s a huge waste of time. But what if those daily decisions could be much easier and simple? In this talk I’ll try to attack and eliminate the pain points of decision making in software engineering and will show how I helped my team benefit from a lighter decision making process.