Yulia Startsev
Yulia Startsev
Yulia Startsev is a staff software engineer at Mozilla. She works on the SpiderMonkey Team, which develops the JavaScript engine for Firefox. She represents Mozilla at ECMA TC39, the standardizing body for JavaScript (officially known as EcmaScript). She is currently based in Germany, where she enjoys fine teas, video games, and working on the future of the free and open web.
JSNation 2022JSNation 2022
26 min
How JS Modules work: a Browser Perspective
Modules are a popular tool for JavaScript Developers. Recently, there have been a number of proposals touching on how Modules work, including Import Maps, Top level await, JSON modules, Module asserts, and many others. But how does the module loading system work, and how do these proposals augment it? What does it look like from the browsers perspective to load a module tree with an import map? We will explore these questions and more, giving you a behind the scenes look at module loading in JS.