Yama Anin Aminof
Yama Anin Aminof
Yama is a data scientist at MyPart, an Israeli startup in the music industry, developing algorithms and researching lyrical and musical song features. In her spare time, she gives tech talks at conferences and meetups (Geektime Code, PyData Tel Aviv, IsraelClouds); and mentors a group of developers through their first steps in the data science world as a part of Baot - Israel’s largest community of senior female engineers and computer scientists. Yama has a B.Sc in mathematics and physics from Tel Aviv University where she also expresses her passion for music by playing the saxophone in the TAU Wind Band.
ML conf EU 2020ML conf EU 2020
8 min
Can You Sing with All the Voices of the Features?
After this talk, you will know how to write the perfect song for your favourite singer! This is not a songwriting retreat but a talk about some of the lyrical, structural, harmonic, and melodic features song analysis includes. We will discuss the extraction of song structures using NLP tools and repetition analysis, musical features, and how to use all of those features to predict which songs fit which artist the best. Attend this talk to discover what is the future that the music industry can achieve with machine learning.