Will Bishop
Will Bishop
Will is a Staff Developer Advocate at Miro and has been in the Developer Relations space for the last 6 years at organizations like Zoom, Miro, and Meetup. He's passionate about all things API-related and the interconnectedness of the web.
React Summit US 2023React Summit US 2023
88 min
Building Reusable Server Components in NextJS
React continues to evolve their beta capability, React Server Components, and they're continuing to further develop them in partnership with frameworks like NextJS.In this workshop, attendees will learn what React Server Components are, how to effectively build and use them in NextJS, and focus on one of the major advantages of React/NextJS: reusability through components.We will also cover related beta technologies enabled by the `app` directory, such as nested layouts and server actions (alpha/experimental capability).Join us for this hands-on, 120 minute workshop!Technologies:
React, JavaScript/Typescript, NextJS, Miro