Vojtech Miksu
Vojtech Miksu
Currently on the UI Platform team at Uber. Focused on design systems (baseweb.design), open source (multiple popular react libraries as react-movable or react-portal), CSS in JS and great user/developer experiences. Previously building product at Cloudflare.
React Advanced Conference 2022React Advanced Conference 2022
16 min
Ladle: The Story About Modules and Performance
The bigger they are, the slower it gets. I am talking about your applications and the bundling process. Fortunately, there might a be better future - the one without bundlers. This talk will be about JavaScript modules, Vite and how we built Ladle - a speedy tool for your React stories.
React Summit 2020React Summit 2020
30 min
Introducing React View
So you built a component library. Congrats! I am sure it is awesome but did you put the same effort into its documentation? Component libraries tend to have giant APIs, dozens of components, hundreds of props and thousands of permutations. That is a lot of information to unpack.
We could make the documentation very long or... super interactive. We combined component previews, API documentation, props editing and code editing into a single seamless experience. You can quickly explore various settings of each component while watching the code write itself.
This talk will show you how to leverage common tools and concepts such as Prettier, babel and AST transformations to build the documentation that can literally work for you.